VIVIDOTHERM provides the sales and service of a wide array of steam, hot oil (thermal oil) and hot water units. Our knowledge of various industry domains enables us to select the right product suitable to your process out of this product basket.

Our Endeavour is to provide you increased profitability, fastest ROI and earn community goodwill.

We have Coil type, Shell type, Water tube and Hybrid Boilers with capacities ranging from 100 Kgs/ Hr to 30 Tons / Hr.

Types of boilers

Oil / Gas fired Steam Boilers

Smallatic 100 Kg/hr.(Diesel/Gas only)

This is a Highly efficient mini boiler for steam requirements up to 100 Kg/hr. Ideal for garments, laundry and hotel applications. It is a space saving and compact boiler with efficiency of 90%.

This Oil / gas fired compact, instant steam generator is designed for safe and reliable operation.

Salient Features :

  • Reverse Flame firing Technology
  • – Membrane design coil
  • – Built in heat recovery device

Instasteam 200 to 850 Kg/ hr.

OIL-EX / GAS – EX 1 to 25 tons/hr

This boiler is designed for a guaranteed overall efficiency of 88%. With an optional heat recovery unit the efficiency can be increased to 92%. This unit has a high steam disengaging surface area which ensures high purity steam of 98% dryness fraction.This is a 3 pass smoke tube, wet back boiler.

Biomass / Coal fired Steam Boilers

Small Boiler 500 Kgs to 5 TPH

This boiler is available with bubbling bed, moving grate as well as fixed grate firing modes. A smoke tube, 3 pass boiler which provides steam at the lowest installation and operating cost, with trouble-free operation and long life.

This model is available with moving grate and fluidized bed variants. Can use Coal, Lignite, Bio fuels and also Bio gas as an added option, supplementary firing. It has got as adequately designed Ash settling chamber for high ash content fuels, to ensure low ash carryover till shell thus lowering the risk of tube erotion.

Combi Boiler 6 to 25 TPH

Coal Fired Boiler 6 to 25 TPH

This model is an advanced version of Combi Boiler which is only used for coal and only with fluidized bed. This is a high end version with full automatic controls for bed start-up, combustion control, draft control and 3 element water level controls. This comes with high end pollution control equipments as Wet Scrubber, Bag Filter or Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) as per clients requirements.

Exhaust Gas Boilers

Energen 500kgs to 3 TPH

Be it exhaust from Diesel or Gas engine, or from any high temperature exhaust we can harness the haet and make steam which we normally generate by burning fossil fuels. Energen is equipped with auto control of the exhaust gas damper to exactly control the Steam pressure. Its very low back pressure design makes it extremely suitable for all makes of engines and also every process.


Hot Oil Heater

The Hot Oil Heaters can generate and supply high temperatures of upto 330 Deg. C at lower pressures of only 5kg/cm2. Being a closed loop system, the total system efficiency is very high.


Oil / Gas Fired 0.1 to 3.5 M Kcal / hr

This is a high efficiency Thermal oil heater that can use a variety of fuels. The standard models are for 300 Deg. C. temperature range. A little customized variant can generate temperature up to 350 Deg. C. It comes with both mono-block as well as dual block burners, in the later having an in built air pre-heater.

This Heaters are optimized to deliver the highest efficiency with solid fuels and all agro wastes. The units are specifically for adequate safeties and controls to deliver exact temperature for process. The major advantage is these deliver the high temperatures at very low pressures.The combustion system for solid fuels consists of fuel handling and stoking equipment, refractory lined chamber, air and flue gas handling system (induced draught, forced draught or balanced draught) with blowers and pollution control equipment.

Solid Fuel Fired 0.4 to 15 M Kcal / hr


Hot Water Heater

The need of some processes do not allow the use of Thermal oil, and also the temperature requirement is only 120 – 180 Deg. C. Use of steam is also with added cost of water treatment. So this Hot water generator is a perfect match for those processes. A closed loop circuit, and the heating fluid is water only and thus eliminates the problem of contamination.


Vapour Absorption Chillers

Absorption Cooling is an efficient eco-friendly concept using a little amount of steam or Hot waste gasses to meet your chilling needs. These are highly power saving units as they use negligible amount of power as compared to your conventional electrical chillers.

Steam driven single and double effect chillers

Available in capacities from 50 – 1400 NTR

Hot water driven

Available in capacities from 10 – 1400 NTR

Exhaust Gas / Direct fuel fired chillers

Available from 40 – 1100 NTR


Cooling Tower

This is an important ancillary equipment used by most processes and utilities. We are backed by years of experience in this field and equipped with modern technologies for selection and designing of optimum size Cooling Towers to give required performance. With the help of MRL Software – CTI (Texas, USA) approved, design & crosscheck each and every selection what we offer to our customer. Our Auto Cad aided designs & drawings help us for better accuracy and faster reply We supply FRP, Timber and Concrete Towers with capacities ranging from 3 cu. M / hr to 3000 cu. M/hr/cell.

FRP Cooling Towers


Timber Cooling Towers


Spare Parts and accessories for all makes


Special “ Polypropelene” ring fills for all makes.


Annual Maintenance & spares for Power Plant Towers


Steam Accessories

VIVIDOTHERM provides the Steam Accessory products in its energy saving initiative to provide you with increased profitability and fastest ROI.

Steam accessories on offer include air vents, steam traps, separators and strainers among others. For condensate recovery, flash vessels, automatic condensate transfer systems and atmospheric de-aerators are provided. Besides these, the product basket also includes the full range of burners, air pre-heaters and economizers.

Available Steam Accessories

Condensate Recovery System

Steam is a very effective heat transfer medium, due to easy transportability and high heat content,it is used in process industry for direct and indirect heat transfer.

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When steam is used for indirect heat transfers in heat exchanger,reactor and other indirect heating equipment it gives off its latent heat(useful heat) to process and converts itself into liquid from known as condensat.This high pressure condensate when released to atmospheric pressure can no longer hold high heat content.The excess heat is released as Flash steam.

High pressure condensate is at almost the same pressure as steam and contains around 15 to 20% heat of fuel.This heat if recovered shall reduce fuel consumption to the extent of 20%.

In addition to the fuel savings, boiler quality water is also recovered, and is used in boiler.This has effect of reduce cost of water and water treatment chemicals.Further good quality boiler feed water reduces the blowdown losses resulting in fuel savings.To summarize,the efficient condensate recovery system will ensure

  • High temperature feed water
  • Good quality boiler feed water
  • lower blowdown losses
  • lower water treatment looses

Our CRS is an integrated system comprising of a Flash Steam Generator, Steam operated Condensate Transfer Pump and Dearetor Unit with immersion tube. This system recovers efficiently flash steam,hot condensate and feed them to the feed water tank through a well designed Deareator unit with immersiion tube. Our CRS is a state of the art system using latest engineering practices, designed to give you savings in fuel cost year after year after year.


VSTEC is a plug in systemspecifically designed to collect and pump hot condensate, commonly returned for use as boiler feed water.The whole system is capable of handeling capacities up to 5500 kg/hr. Operated by stean or compressed air can be tailored to meet a wide variety of condenste handling applications.Higher flow handelin capacity up to 16000kg/hr available in duplex and triplex pumps.

  • High discharge per stroke of 42 liters per stroke
  • Pump body desingned to ASME Sec.VIII Div.I BPVC Code
  • High Condenstae temperature return-No cavitation problem
  • Unaffected by water hammer-No NPSH problems
  • Minimum moving parts ensuring high up time
  • Adequate receiver capacity-No Overflows
  • Simple solution for condensate pumping
  • Packaged Pump-Easy to install
  • Built in Digital Flow Indicato
  • Componenets desingned for high cycle life
  • Suitable for outdoor installation-Weather Proof design IP 65
  • Microprocessor based control with 16 charecter display for flow
  • Flow indecator and totaliser with non volatile memory


When high pressur condensate is discharged from steam traps to low pressure condensate return lines, excess energy is released in the form of flash steam.This flash steam can be used to heat boiler feed water or for low pressure steam application


  • Adequately sized to minimize pressure drop
  • Steam trap sized to handle condensate at low pressure differance to be fitted at condensate outlet
  • Designed with optimum seperation velocity to et dry steam


Atmospheric De-aerator Head is designed to remove dissolved gases and oxygen from the feed water by proper mixing of condensate,flash steam and cold make up.Solubility of oxygen and other dissolved gases decreases with rise in temperature and they are released from solution. These gases are then released through the air vent fitted on the de aerator head.
The mixing action takes place by suitably locating the nozzles and providing spray screens and baffles.A Thermax flash condensing de-aerator head consists of three parts.

  • Adequately sized to minimize pressure drop
  • Steam trap sized to handle condensate at low pressure differance to be fitted at condensate outlet
  • Designed with optimum seperation velocity to et dry steam
  • Atmospheric De-aerator head, which is bolted to the top of the tank and is supplied with connection for cold make up, condensate return,flash steam and recirculation.
  • An immersion tube which distributes the mixed fluids into the tank
  • A guide nozzle for mounting the immersion tube.
  • recirculation system(optional)

Pressure reducing & Desuperheating station

Good steam engineering practice is to generate steam at high/maximum working pressure, distribute at higher pressure and utilize at low pressure with pressure reduction.

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It is recommended to operate the boilers close to maximum operating/design pressure.This ensures good quality of steam with high dryness fraction.Process equipments are normally designed for much lower pressure of steam.


  • Steam is transported to the point of utilization at higher pressure.This permits use of smaller pipe diameters leading to reduce steam piping and insulation cost.

  • Reduce plant equipment cost due to use of small thickness plantes leading to substantial savings in initial plant cost
  • lower blowdown losses
  • Gives more latent heat, per Kg of steam to industrial equipment like heat exchangers, jacketed kettles, distillation column re- boilers, etc.
  • resulting in lower fuel consumption.

Pressure reducing Valve (TPRV)


  • Pressure reduction for saturated steam and compressed air

  • RANGE::

  • Capacity: 250 Kg/h Max
  • Size 15, 20, 25 mm NB

  • MOC:

  • Body SG Iron GGG 40.3
  • Internals SS


  • Special set pressure locking arrangement
  • Suitable for steam and compressed air
  • Compact design fully self acting
  • No external signal required for down stream pressure control
  • Operates even on low flow conditions
  • Both IBR Certified & Non IBR pressure reducing valve available


# Specs Values
1 Design pressure body PN 25
2 Max upstream pressure 19 Kg/cm2(air)
3 Max downstream pressure 8.6 Kg/cm2
4 Designed temperature 210 degree cel.
5 End connection screwed BSP/NPT
6 Down stream set pressure range 0.14 to 1.7/1.4 to 4/3.5 to 8.6 Kg/cm2

Pressure Reducing Stations

Superior quality designed pressure reducing station as a ready to install equipment gives the following distinct advantages


  • Designed as per best steam engineering practices.

  • Assured consistent downstream reduced pressure.
  • Superior quality of components and best workmanship.

  • Savings in erection and commissioning time.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.

  • Excellent network of our reprensentatives ensure timely commissioning and technical support.
  • We offer single point contact for all Sream Accessories and steam Boilers.


PRDS systems are designed to reduce the steam pressure to operating pressure and also bring the outlet steam temperature closer to that of saturation.

Suitably designed pressure reducing valve installed on superheated steam line, reduces steam pressure to desired operating pressure.During this process the steam temperature also reduces following superheated steam curve, however the degree of superheat remains unaltered.

The steam temperature is reduced close to saturation by injecting water into high velocity steam by controlled water flow through water control valve. Conventionally steam pressure reduction and temperature reduction were done in two different units. Now both these functions are carried in one unit which is combined pressure reducing and desuperheating valve.


De superheating systems are designed to reduce the temperature of superheated steam close to that of saturation.The steam temperature is reduced close to saturation by injecting water into high velocity steam by controlled water flow through water control valve

Fixed Nozzle De- super heater

  • The Simplest Design in De super heater family.
  • mainly used when the pressure difference between the main steam line and spray water in high.
  • inline type assembly for steam line size 6″ NB and above.
  • Mini cooler for steam line size up to 4″.
  • Maximum Turn down 3:1.


  • Mainly used when the pressure difference between the main steam line and spray water is low.
  • better mixing of spray water with main steam by swirling action.
  • Maximum Turn down 8:1


  • Best Design in De-superheating Family.
  • Constant Pressure Drop Across the nozzle.
  • High Turn Down up to 16:1.
  • Better Downstream Temperature Control.

Steam traps and accessories

Steam traps are a vital component of the steam distribution system. Though not realised often but improper selection and lack of maintenence can make these Steam traps malfunction and thus loss of huge amount of energy.

We offer all types of traps for process needs along with other accessories.

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  • To remove condensate from steam headers and distribution piping



  • Capacity: Refer product catalogue
  • Size: 15,20,25 mm NB





  • To remove condensate from steam jackets/coils of steam consuming equipment



  • Capacity : Refer product catalouge
  • Size: 15,20,25 mm NB/ 40,50 mm NB





  • Recommended for steam tracer lines



  • Capacity : Refer product catalogue
  • Size: 10, 15, 20, 25 mm NB




  • To remove condensate from steam headers/equipment consuming superheated steam



  • Capacity: Refer product catalogue
  • Size: 15,20,25 mm NB





  • To remove non condensable gases/ air from liquid storage system.



  • Capacity: Refer product catalogue
  • Size: 15, 20, 25 mm NB for TAE-N & 25 mm NB for TAE-25






  • To remove water from compressed air lines



  • Capacity : Refer Product Catalogue
  • Size : 15, 20, 25 mm NB/ 40, 50 mm NB






  • To prevent creation of vaccum in piping or equipment



  • Size: 15 mm NB


Oil, gas and dual fuel burner

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  • Suitable for all kinds of steam boilers ranging from 50 kg/h to 16 TPH,
  • Thermic fluid heaters ranging from 50000kCal/h o 25 lac kCal/h & hot water generators ranging from 50000kCal/h to 25 lac kCal/h



  • Pressure jet technology 10 kW to 22500 kW
  • Rotary cup burners 1.12 MW to 47.44 MW     



  • Modulation type:On/Off ; 2stage; (Hi-low); 3 satge; Modulating
  • Fuels: HSD/LDO/F.O/NG/LPG/Other gas based on composition
  • Simultaneous firing of liquid fuel & bio gas is possible
  • Heat recovery possible with preheated combustion air of 250 deg cel max can be used in dual bloc burners
  • High/low pressure gas train modules
  • Ring Main system for heavy oil available on request


Waterpreheater, Economizers and Airpreheaters

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An atmospheric water preheating system used at the outlet of solid fuel fired boiler, resulting in improvement of efficiency by 3-4%


It is a forced-flow,once-through,convection heat -transfer device, covered under IBR act,designed to suit almost all fuels with all operational safety


Air preheater for oil/gas fired boiler.It incorporates a corrosion management system ensuring that the metal temperature is always above the sulphur dew point,thus improving the efficiency without sacrificing the life of down stream equipent/instruments.

Air preheater for thermic fluid heater.It is an energy saving air preheater used on thermal oil heaters resulting in improvement of efficiency to the tune of 3-5%

Control valves

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Thermax range of control valve with pneumatic & electrical actuators are designed to provide presise control for hot water,steam and thermal oil for flow,pressure and temperature control applications.

It is imortant to achive complete valve shut off, to prevent leakage thateither could contaminate a process fluidor result in production loss.Also valve tightess ensure prevention of erosion damage that normally occures on a high velocity steam leak across seating surface.Thermax helps in proper solution of valves, considering all reprised parameters.


De superheating systems are designed to reduce the temperature of superheated steam close to that of saturation.The steam temperature is reduced close to saturation by injecting water into high velocity steam by controlled water flow through water control valve


  • Complete range of 2 way and 3 way of control valves, with option of pneumatic and electrical actuator.
  • Specially designed for high temperature application, with extended bonnet as default offering.
  • Body with top entry trim and bolted bonnet facilitates easy access to all internal parts for online inspection, maintenance and trim replacements.
  • Stream line flow path provide large flow capacity.
  • Variety of trim option available for precise flow control.
  • Zero emission valve due to low fugitive emission Graphoil gland packing.
  • Stellited internals ensures zero leakage through ports.


  • Applicable for both regulating and on- off functions.
  • Choice available for low and high thrust requirements.
  • The actuator are lightweight and compact,due to multispring arrangement.
  • The actuators are field reversible without demanding addition or deletion of parts.
  • Ensures a long listing service life, due to rigid construction and durable components.
  • Minimum maintenance required.
  • Rolling diaphragm construction provides constant effective area throughout the stroke.
  • Hand wheel arrangements as Top mounted or Side Mounted configurations, aslo available
  • Easy to mount various accessories.


Thermax Electrical Actuator type is designed liner for remote control of globe control valves.these actuators are designed for on- off application and they are customer friendly and guarantee precise control every time, with repeated operations also.

The special designed features of this actuator give value addition to our customers in following ways:





Features & Benefits

  • Ensures improved control and positioning accuracy..
  • Easy to intregate in control loops and/ or Distributed Control System(DCS)
  • Modular designs ensures common parts.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Ensures troble free operation.
  • Helps in reducing spare parts and inventory costs.
  • Optical running & position indecation ensures checking of actuator operation.
  • Highly reliable & hence downtime is almost nil.
  • Dust and waterproof (IP65/IP67) protection ensures smooth operation at extream condition.

Energy and Utility audits

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From Thermax we have a full-fledged utility cost reduction team of experts drawn from diverse disciplines.Equipped with technical and instrumental resources to undertake total plant audits, the team can optimize operational costs through innovative energy efficiency solutions that offer quick paybacks. We have the expertise to implement energy conservation solution on a turnkey basis. we also undertake system and process study to improve productivity and bring down product costs.

Energy Conservation Services(ECS)

Around the world, energy cost forms a significant part of operational costs, as high as 30% in process industries.Technological changes have also forced organizations to re-look at energy management.Today with increased overheads and shrinking profit margines,there is an urgency to optimise energy cost and utilisation.

Thermax offers Energy Audits Services in Following Areas:

  • Steam and Condensate
  • Thermic Fluid
  • Electricity
  • Compressed Air
  • Refrigeration
  • Cooling Tower

Energy saving in action

On the basis of preliminary data collected from the client through standard questionnaire, an expert/ team of experts will be deputed for field studies.They will study the plant and conduct detail studies on utilities.The data collected during the audit will be analyzed to identify the energy conservation measures. Finally a detailed audit report will be submitted covering following aspects

  • Energy conservation recommendation with short term, Long term proposals.
  • Prioritizing the project base on payback.
  • Basic engineering and product specifications.

This phase is followed by implementation and performance monitoring of energyconservation proposals and supported by expert services from Thermax for training of the plant operators.


Speciality Chemicals

Thermax chemical is backed by decadesdecades of Thermax expertise in water treatment and combustion engineering.This enebles accurate analysis of plant problems, precise solutions and tailor-made products for each application. With state -of -the-art R & D,Thermax Chemicals stands at the forefront of new technologies.

Among its many achivements are the production of India’s first fireside chemicals; a range of fuel additives, all organic single product boiler water chemicals, a pour point depressant for the oil industry, modification of its ion exchange resins for use in nuclear and other industries like pharmaceuticals and custom formulated chemicals for specific applications and new Reverse Osmosis Chemical range.


Even under the best operating conditions, user can face several problems with fuel right from storage to combution.Problems such as dust nuisance, carbon rejection in ash and fly ash, fouling and slagging of furnace and formation of clinker (Pre combution to post combution).

THERMOMIX/ ECONOMIX range of fire side treatment products from Thermax Chemicals contain dust suppressants, combution catalysts, slag modifiers and corrosion inhibitors that help improve overall combution and system performance.This range of chemicals helps to increase the ash fusion temperature of deposites & improves heat transfer.


 Thermax chemicals offers a range of fuel treatment chemicals.The Thermosol range of products is desingned to condition fuel for better performance and operation of the system.


Maxtreat rang of boiler water treatment chemicals is a combination of polymers and organo-inorganic chemical treatment programmes. The range of Maxtreat Boiler Water Chemicals includes oxygen scavengers, scale , deposit and corrosion inhibitors,sluge conditioner, anti- foaming agents, alkalinity controllers and also an all organic single product boiler water treatment chemical & condensate corrosion control tratment.




  • Inadequate spares inventory plan often leads to downtime of equipment for need of spares
  • Planning spares procurement and maintaining inventory of essential critical spares is as important as operating and maintaing the equipment
  • In absence of availability of right quality spares both the equipment and plant production is at risk
  • The loss of a batch of production can be many times more than the cost of the spare parts itself


  • High Quality
  • Reduce risk of parts failure leading to moneytary loss, plant downtime
  • Assuarance of correct specifications
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Service support

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